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Re: Got a question for ya guys

C'mon there must be some people with energy there.  At least I have a 
good excuse for not getting anything going there.  I am in another 
country, but there must be some lazy linux users there who would be 
willing to get an installfest going!


> Daniel,
> The LUG has had installfests in the past where members get together and
> bring their hardware and try to make things work.  We haven't had any 
> this
> year and the group has been fairly quiet.  You have probably already
> found the web pages at http://linux0.cs.uaf.edu.  There is also 
> another LUG
> email list at the GI: http://www.gi.alaska.edu/mailman/listinfo/glug.
> You might want to subscribe to both lists to keep up with any 
> activities
> that are going on.  Occasionally there are seminars on topics of 
> interest
> to the group.  Look at http://linux0.cs.uaf.edu/tux/LectureSeries for
> upcoming events where you can meet some other Linux folk.
> Mitch Roth
>> ===== Original Message From Farley Daniel R Amn 354CS/SCBBM
> <daniel.farley@eielson.af.mil> =====
> I've been trying to learn the linux OS for quite some time now.. And i 
> find
> the hardest thing is trying to learn it by myself.. without knowing a 
> single
> person that also uses it..  I know some pretty basic things..  But I 
> find it
> VERY hard to understand man pages, and documents.. It feels like 
> somebody
> said "read this book" without first teaching me to read.. So I was 
> wondering
> if you guys ever get together and just sit around and mess with 
> stuff...
> I'd like to actually see somebody using the OS.. mainly because I just 
> learn
> better when somebody shows me how to do something..  A lot of people 
> that I
> talk to online aren't very helpful..  Most of them have been using 
> linux
> since before it became all "user friendly" and know how it works 
> inside out,
> but don't offer very much help (and expect you to know everything 
> etc..)  So
> if any of you ever feel like showing me some stuff, that would be 
> greatly
> appreciated..
> -rain
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