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Re: /usr/bin/mail

Hi Chris, Dave:
Thanks for the help. I was actually wanting to avoid installing exim,
because I already have an MTA which is qmail, working perfect. But the way
debian packaging is done, it looks like mailx or other packages which
contain mua's require exim. Maybe there is a way as suggested. I don't
know. I had to install exim and left it unconfigured.
As for the second question, I was
wondering if mailx(mail) would support maildir/Mailbox format?
From Dan's INSTALL.maildir file:
Until your MUA supports maildir, you'll probably want to convert maildir
format to (gaaack) mbox format.
But maybe that ain't an issue afterall. It just popped into my mind after
reading Dan's help files.
Thanks and G'day!
ps: the mailutils package in debian also provides mailx.
$apt-cache show mailutils
Provides: mail-reader, mailx
Description: GNU Mailutils utilities for handling mail
 This package contains the GNU Mailutils versions of comsatd, dotlock,
 frm, guimb, mail, messages, readmsg and sieve. They are capable of
 speaking POP3, IMAP, and mbox.
>     I don't follow your question regarding gnu mailutils but I wouldn't think
> mailbox formats are an issue. Certainly POP and IMAP work independent of the
> file format. The spool file and 'mbox' are typically in a generic format,
> understood by the POP and IMAP daemons as well as any user agents that
> operate on the same machine.
>  - Dave

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