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RE: UAF LUG meeting

Thanks to all who replied and want to know when and where the meeting
will be held.  Here is the information:

UAF Linux Users Group Meeting

Thursday, 1pm
Chapman 104


Election of Officers
Status of Projects
Meeting Schedule
Revolution O/S

See you there!

>===== Original Message From uaflug@linux0.cs.uaf.edu =====
>Dr. Mitchell Roth:
>     Hello.  I was recently reminded of a likely UAF LUG meeting at 1
>P.M. tomorrow.  I have made note of this meeting in my calendar.  I
>don't yet know if I will be able to make it; but I will try to do so.
>     There is a problem with my planning, however: I do not recall
>just where the meeting will be held.  I ask that you remind me of that
>     I was also wondering if it might serve to send out an e-mail
>reminder of the meeting.
>     That is all for now.  Take care.
>                                                         Respectfully,
>                                                         Fred Hall IV

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