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Re: Looking for Imac drive or laptop CD-rom (not a mac)

>>What model imac are you talking about?
Not a mac.  It is a Compaq laptop and I know how to convert the drive 
used in the imac to work with it. I am just looking for a very very 
inexpensive replacement.   My current drive is very flaky and as much as 
I like to try different distributions on my machine it is a real pain to 
have a bum drive. 

500MHz K6 128Meg ram, 15Gig hd.  Nice toy Linux box.  I have tried 
Knoppix 3.4, feather, DSL, and a few other on it.  I was in the middle 
of Fedora when the dive finally gave it up.  cdrw would be a nice 
addition, but dvd would be better for playing movies for my family with 


Only mac I have is old tower powerpc 300.  I hope to get it running and 
try Linux on it, but will most likly be parting with it and a monitor