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Re: Installfest/linux0

S. M. D. wrote:

>For now, just getting the ISO images up to date will be a *big* step.
The ISO's on linux0 now (in the /isos directory) are up to date as of
Friday (so not mandrake)...

>Aaron was proposing that we write up some shell scripts to automate the
>ISO download process. The idea is to install gpg on the server (if it's
>not already there) then script up a job that generates a GPG fingerprint
>for each local ISO, grabs the GPG fingerprint of each ISO image and
>compares them. If they match, don't bother downloading, else grab the new
>image and then compare the downloaded result.
MD5 actually, since that what most places seem to have avail. for d/l. 
-- Late breaking news -- just got JK's mail, looks like rsync will work
for this too.  Maybe I'll look into it in my spare (ha!) time...

>Currently there are no packages being mirrored at all, only install
>images. I have had some club members (as well as our faculty advisor,
>Orion Lawlor) ask about DVD-ROM images. So we'll do those too, as space is
Actually, the mandrake scripts are still running, but the disk it's on
is out of space - the plan was to rm disk3 and then create a symlink
from disk3 to disk4/disk3_copy.  However, I was a little surprised to
see that copying the entire 33G drive now takes up 60G:
$ du -sh disk3/mandrake/
31G     disk3/mandrake
$ du -sh disk4/disk3_copy/mandrake/
69G     disk4/disk3_copy/mandrake

DVD images will be nice - I almost downloaded the SuSE DVD image, but
I'm glad I didn't, the mirror I grabbed it from was SLOOOOWWW...  But
first, the box needs some work.  Someone who knows exactly what the
motherboard is (or who goes and finds out) needs to look for a bios
update to support >137GB HDs.  If that doesn't exist, I have an ATA133
card i'm happy to donate, but that would require other upgrades to the
box (no drivers at all for 2.2.16, built in august of 2000!).  I'll
gladly help someone do this, but it can't be just me, as I intend to be
outta here indefinitely in four months.

>Definitely, if we ever get to the point of distribution package mirrors,
>we'll want some form of incremental transfer to cut down on bandwidth use.
yep. - there are scripts on the box that were used (or still are, in
mandrake's case) to do this, check /root/mirror-scripts/

RE: April 15 Installfest
Sounds great - I'll be able to make it this time, maybe even bring "the
behemoth" to help Sunit upgrade his old, old gentoo system.  I'll check
tommorrow on both getting a mention in the Sun Star's calendar as well
as the possibility of a Wood Center Banner.  Oh, and, the more posters
the better!