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Re: UAFLUG: shell access to linux0

Justin, Josh, Doug,

Orion has already set us up. Not with root accounts, but with user accounts for both myself and Dustin. And yes, we have to drop within aurora so that we are within the address space. At the moment I don't really see an alternative unless there is something that I am missing.
I don't know if we have permission to access the directory where the files are kept. That is something I will take up with Orion once we are ready to publish.

Greg Tripp

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From: Justin Burket <zorton@jtan.com>
To: uaflug@linux0.cs.uaf.edu
Subject: Re: UAFLUG: shell access to linux0

> Doug Knight wrote:
> > Justin,
> >
> > You don't need/want to make any changes to the access control lists 
> > for linux0.  Port 22 is blocked from outside access, and that's 
> > probably the way you want to keep it.  If you need to access the 
> > server from off campus, you should be connecting to the UAF VPN, which 
> > will drop you into UAF address space, giving you access to all of the 
> > ports on the server.  From there you can ssh into the machine.
> >
> > If you haven't got vpn access setup yet, contact the UAF helpdesk 
> > (x6564) and ask them to activate your vpn account, then go to 
> > http://www.uaf.edu/dcc/vpn for information about downloading 
> > installing and using the vpn client.
> >
> > Doug Knight
> Doug,
> Accually i'm uncertain if I have acceess to linux0 or not :)
> I'm not modifying linux0 at all but simply making a ssh vpn into the 
> campus using aurora.  I choose not to use the full VPN tunnel because I 
> didn't want to go through the trouble.
> Here is the big question, does anyone have either root or physical 
> access to linux0?
> Justin

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