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Re: CSS or CMS?


The answer to your question is 'Yes'. The CMS system I found and installed
uses CSS for it's themes. The reason I suggested multiple themes is one
can login to the website and then select a non-default theme. It's simply
an option we have. Perhaps we need to have a short meeting with anyone
else interested in working on the website, I can explain what I've found
thus far from teh CMS system. I'm not going to claim to be an expert with
it yet, since I only first saw this particular one about 3 days ago, but
I've learned a good bit in those three days.

This CMS system houses and displays content, the look is determined by
"templates" which use CSS. If that makes sense.

And Gabriel, I don't know who you'd talk to for an account on linux5,
Orion/Greg perhaps?


> Dustin,
> I have just completed some quick reading on CSS. It seems really simple
> and I am confident that I already know enough to start writing basic style
> sheets.
> You mentioned the use of multiple styles. Not that I am opposed to the
> idea but what would we need multiple themes for? I thought we only needed
> one style to control all of the documents on the server, one ring to rule
> them all..... The idea is to make every page, no matter what its content,
> look like every other page.
> This brings me to my next question. Can we use CSS in conjunction with
> CMS? Ideally, a content management system will control how content is
> published and the CSS can control how the published content will look. Am
> I  wrong in assuming this?
> Remember, if you build it, he will come....
> Cheers,
> Greg