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RE: Linux e-mail set-up

Thanks for the effort.  It didn't work.  I'm using an external US Robotics 
(3Com) 56K V90 modem on port com2.  It's not supose to be a winmodem.

I'm using Kde window grafics.  at the root prompt I tried:
I got "no file or commmand"
setserial/dev/modem port 0x3e8 irq4
I got the same message about no such file or command.

Does "G" stand for a drive or general? is the dash ment to signify a space? 

thanks again

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On May 16,  1:48pm, joann wrote:
> Subject: RE: Linux e-mail set-up
> I have a dual boot system here at home.. I'm e-mailing through msoutlook.
> In the root directory, I get the Kppp set up dialog box.  The DNS and 
> number are all correct.  It appears that linux does not see my modem. 
> suggestions?   I'm  leaving for my office.  I can be reached at home this
> evening 455-8360.  I'll check my e-mail at the office and again at home.

You probably need to setup the serial port to which your modem is attached.

Try this to see what settings you have:

% setserial -G /dev/modem

You will probably find that the port & irq are not correct for your modem. 
set them, issue 'setserial /dev/modem port 0x03e8 irq 4', where 0x03e8 and 
are replaced with the correct values for your modem. Also, be sure you 
have one of those evil winmodems - they won't work with anything other than 

Hope this helps.


> Jo
> fsjn@uaf.edu
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> Subject:	RE: Linux e-mail set-up
> I'm trying to set up my e-mail in linux.  I've got the usere manual in
> front of me.  When I click on Main Menue>Internet>Kppp, I have to give my
> root password.  Once done, I do not get the Kppp set up dialog box as the
> manual says.  Instead I get a clean desktop.  When I open the mail 
> it acts like I have not been connected as I expected.  Now what?
> Jo
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