Live Radio Feeds

Beginning in 2005, the LUG has been recording UAF hockey games. You can find them here

Below are links to mp3 audio streams live from the signals of KUAC-FM and KSUA two of the most popular radio stations in Fairbanks. At the bottom of the screen you will find the beginings of documentation.
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Most players prefer .pls playlists:

KUAC 16KB Mono--max for 28.8 modem
KUAC 64KB Mono
KUAC 64KB Stereo

KSUA 16KB Mono--max for 28.8 modem
KSUA 64KB Mono
KSUA 64KB Stereo

If the above links don't work try a .m3u playlist:

KUAC 16KB Mono
KUAC 64KB Mono
KUAC 64KB Stereo

KSUA 16KB Mono
KSUA 64KB Mono
KSUA 64KB Stereo

If your mp3 player is super cool, you can point it directly at
one of the streams, by pasting one of the following urls into
your 'open location' dialog:

If you have mpg123 on a UNIX box do:
. . . etc. . . .

Beginnings of Documentation

If you already have a streaming capable mp3 player installed and setup with your browser, then all you need to do is click on one of the above links. Players that we know work very well are:

Linux: xmms, and mpg123.
Windows: Winamp, Kjofol, Sonique, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer.
Mac: Soundjam, Macamp, or Audion .

Old versions of some players will pretend to know what to do, but will just buffer forever without playing. The answer is to download a new version from among the links above. In fact with Windows and MacOS that will solve most problems you might encounter.

Windows and Mac apps tend to set mime types up in netscape for you (a mixed blessing) when you install them. Under Linux if you want to be able to launch your player automatically go to edit--preferences--navigator--applications--new.
For .pls playlists fill in the first three lines of the dialog like so:

Description: pls streaming mp3 audio playlists
MIMEtype: audio/x-scpls
Suffixes: .pls

For .m3u:

Description: m3u streaming mp3 audio playlists
MIMEtype: audio/x-mpegurl
Suffixes: .pls

Click the radio button next to "application", and browse for your player then add a %s. You should end up with a line like:

Application: xmms %s